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Design Thinking - think likechild

We don't mean think childish thoughts, we mean think without obstructions. Think with an open mind with endless possibilities.  


Our processes called - "IDEATION"


What's "IDEATION" you say?


It's how we think and design creatively.  


DISCOVER - Determine the task/problem on hand and do a situation analysis. We define the "problem".


INTERPRETATION - We look at all the information we've gathered from you and from our voyage of discovery. We look at the information and interpret from different angles. Eyes wide open.  


IDEATION - This is where the creativity kicks in. We use divergent (open, child-like) thinking to generate as many ideas as possible.  


EXPERIMENTATION - We put our collective best ideas into practice.  In design, on package.  We are getting close to the final product. We build prototypes, we test we evolve, we refine. 


VERIFICATION - We test the ideas and we further develop until it's perfect and you're perfectly happy.  


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