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Box Structures

We work off of standardized box structures (FEFCO & ECMA Code Designs), which are then modified to suit your project. Below are a few sample structures from each code to help get your ideas flowing!


For use with corrugated cardboard enclosures

fefco 201.png

201 - Regular Slotted Container

fefco 201 dieline.png

421 - Tray with Self-Locking End Wall & Hinged Lid

fefco 421.png
fefco 421 dieline.png
fefco 312.png

312 - Half-Slotted Container with ES Cover

fefco 312 dieline.png
fefco 312 dieline.png


For use with folding carton enclosures

A01.15.00.03 - Closure with Extended Panel

ecma a01.png
ecma a01 dieline.png

D20.50.02.52 - Eight-Cornered Base with Locking Flaps & Fold-Over Lid

ecma d20.png
ecma d20 dieline.png

A01.30.00.03 - Tuck-In Flap Scissor Enclosure

ecma a01.30.png
ecma a01.30 dieline.png

& Many, Many More!

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